Amazonia Extract 1 lt

  • Ideal for combating joint and ligament problems in horses and improving stiff gaits, Amazonia extract is one of the best food supplements on the market in its field:
  • - A 100% natural product, rich in trace elements, visible improvements in a few weeks, Supplementation which provides the essential catalysts for the proper functioning of the animal's organism

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  • Amazonia extract © Nature’s alternative for bute. Is a concentrate of the famous AMAZONIA syrup used successfully for over 20 years by international riders and veterinarians.
  • Improves stiff gaits. Ideal for regaining flexible and powerful ligaments. Recommended for all categories of horses. Advantages: Very short term results. Ideal for traveling on competitions. Easy dosage.
  • Every day 50 ml until satisfaction, then 2-3 times / week
    Net volume: 1 liter.
  • Use: for a horse of 500 kg, subjected to great efforts 50 ml per day.
    AMAZONIA EXTRACT © based on plant extracts provides a solution to support joint and locomotor problems in horses subjected to sporting efforts. Net volume: 1 liter. Composition:: plant extract, Amazonia Complex ©, red ginseng, blackcurrant leaf.

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  1. Bertrand D.

    “Best solution I have found for sore joints. Rapid response time. Highly palatable.”

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